Michael C. Hastings B.S., MCSE, MCP, and CEO/Owner. Michael started using technology back in 1985, with an Atari 400 computer. He grew up with computers and has always had a knack for them. In high school he was the photo editor of Anacortes High School while working part-time for the graphics department. There he learned everything from computers, photography, type setting, and design. After high school he continued his education with web design and computer repair, Windows 2.0, Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, and Windows 8 (RT & Pro). Michael has 10 years experience working in web design and site strategies for two multi-million dollar companies. He has worked as a help line techie for Gateway Computers and as a micro-computer technician for the government.

Michael is a Disc Jockey, runs audio/video, and love trying to make things better.

Michael brings his wide range of computer, technology, music and video production, and computer repair to Whidbey Island.