It was a great pleasure to serve. These are quoted reviews.


Ligeia L. Married on 10/31/2020

Michael did an awesome job. I would highly recommend him to anyone that is looking!
Sent on 11/12/2021

Jessica P. Married on 07/18/2020

Easy to work with, fun day

Michael was on time, paid attention to the songs we wanted, played them at the right time, and kept us on track. He’s friendly and enjoys the work he does. Thank you!!
Sent on 08/03/2020

Tammy Married on 10/12/2019

Awesome, Great Experience.

Michael did a great job of taking our music request and filling in with songs we loved.
Sent on 10/16/2018

Kyle Married on 07/13/2019

Awesome wedding day!

Michael was great and attentive to our needs. He took our requests and announced everything perfectly.
Sent on 07/16/2019

Stephanie C. Married on 10/27/2018

Island DJ service

Amazingly fun and professional! Hired Gowhidbey for an event and the experience and music was great. I would strongly recommend them for all your music needs.
Sent on 11/05/2018

Wanda Event on: 06/21/2018

Michael was very easy to work with. The hardest time I had with him was getting a written contract and invoice, needed because this is a corporate event. As far as his services at the event, he was set up, connected, and ready to go as required. The music and karaoke was perfect for the crowd who attended, and at the event, things could not have been easier for me as organizer and host. He has a wide selection of music for karaoke, and was also able to provide some "game show music" for a skit that we had for retiring members of our organization. At the end, all of his equipment was packed up and taken out, no muss, no fuss. I know that the manager of the venue was also impressed because he asked for Michael's card as reference for future events they hold.
Sent on 06/27/2018

Jasmin Married on 08/05/2017

Michael did a great job in accommodating our needs for our special day. Our ceremony was in a place without access to power and he had no problem working with our portable wireless speaker to operate our ceremony music. Our guests had a great time later in the evening with his light and music set up. My only advice would be to make sure there is a clear understanding of all the special songs as the wrong song was played for my bridal party processional. We overall had a great experience with Michael.
Sent on 08/16/2017

Darcy T. Married on 09/18/2021

Slow to respond

Was very slow to respond in lead up to wedding did not have a contract sent to us and then on the wedding night told our wedding planner he had not been paid yet, adding stress to my wife’s wedding night unnecessarily. Was rude to some of our guests and did not take all request when had been instructed to accept all requests.
Sent on 09/24/2021
In Response: Payment was asked for before the wedding, via contract, discussion with Wedding planner, and the client. I prefer not to ask for payment on the day for the exact same reason, but when I was asked by the wedding planner if I had got paid, and I told her no, she went to make sure I received my payment.

Justin Married on 09/01/2018

This guy completely screwed over my sister yesterday. He did not show up! When called, he didn't answer or return any calls. My sister finally got ahold of him this morning, and he said he had no record until my sister sent him her copy of the contract. SERIOUSLY, DO NOT call this guy.
Sent on 09/02/2018
In Response: I am sorry that the ball got dropped. I was not able to find a signed contract, and since I get many request with no response I missed that the booking request had happened. I got a signed contract for the same day and never received your sisters request. I have two DJs and would have been able to do two locations. I have implemented a new booking request review process to make sure this never happens again.

Jenny Married on 09/09/2017

Michael did an awesome job, and planned out ours day to the tee.
Sent on 10/14/2017

Raven Married on 08/01/2017

Best DJ ever!!! I would highly recommend him.
Sent on 08/09/2017

Aly Married on 06/17/2016

He takes requests and will sit down with you before your event to prepare for the day!
Sent on 08/09/2017

Jeff Event on 08/08/2017

I've been to about 5 dances the Micheal has DJ'd. Great range of music, very responsive on requests! Never seen him run late.
Sent on 08/09/2017

Kristina Married on 11/04/2015

Appreciate how Michael listens to his guest and plays what they want!
Sent on 08/10/2017

Samantha Married on 08/08/2015

Michael did an awesome job and would recommend him to anyone who asks.
Sent on 08/09/2017

Barbara Married on 08/09/2017

Straight up the BEST!

I attended a wedding that Michal DJ'd.
Sent on 08/09/2017

Samantha Married on 10/06/2018

DJ was friendly and communicative. Messed up our names when announcing our entrance to the reception. Didn't play the songs on my playlist as asked - interjected his own choices. Complained about the weather multiple times over the speaker.
Sent on 10/10/2018

Danielle Married on 10/14/2017

Michael was amazing! He played all of the music we wanted, and more. We changed the times we need him multiple times and was available for everything! I would definitely recommend him for any occasion.
Sent on 10/16/2017

Suzie Married on 09/15/2012

Michael was a great DJ. He had us fill out forms before the wedding so he know everything that we wanted. We kept the party going and adapted when things needed to be adjusted.
Sent on 09/23/2013